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Blue Element Freediving competition first edition in Dominica island

We’re only one week away from the first edition of the Blue Element Freediving competition. Athletes are currently in training mode and getting ready for the November 4th start. Mark your calendars!

Dominica has perfect conditions for freediving

Organized by Jonathan Sunnex aka “Jonny Deep”,  and Sofia Gomez Uribe, the competition is held in Dominica, located in the Caribbean.  The location boasts crystal clear water, warm water temperatures and a lot of depth, and even better, the best diving locations are close to shore.








Athletes have been flying in from all over the world for the competition. They include Australian record holder Adam Stern, Colombian record holder Sofia Gomez, British record holder Dean Chaouche and Sophie Jacquin, French record holder. They’re in good company, as the competition organizer, Johnny Deep is one of the world's deepest divers, having dived to depths well below 100 meters.  During training, we’ve already seen Adam break his own record, so we can only imagine some additional record breaking dives will be coming soon.

Also in attendance at the competition is Freedive-Earth friend Daan Verhoeven.  I’m sure by now we’re all familiar with his incredible underwater photos – but be sure to stop by his website if you can’t get enough.

Not just a place for diving

Dominica is located between the French Antilles - La Martinique and La Guadeloupe. It’s not surprising that you will find a lot of French people around. Not only is it a great spot for diving, it’s also a perfect island for nature lovers. There are nine volcanos, hot springs, waterfalls, and you can even find some decent surf.  The vibe in the town we’re staying is super fun with creole music, great food, and of course a little bit of rum. 

Credit: photo by Daan Verhoeven

The AIDA Blue Element Freediving competition will be held from the 4th November to 11th November. Stay tuned to Freedive-Earth for all the up to date information on the competition.  More to come soon…

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