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My name is Adam Drzazga, I am a competitive freediver, Aida Instructor, Judge and Chairman of BFA.(British Freediving Assosiation). I've been teaching Freediving for the last few years as well as representing GB in the World Championships and participating in international events. What I enjoy the most is recreational freediving, when you just go and dive on the shallow reefs and simply enjoy being there.

I started my first Freediving journey as a spearo in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, where I discovered the beauty of the underwater world. After running a spearfishing school for a few years, here in the UK. I then decided to enter into the pure discipline of Freediving.

Freediving changed my life, it gave me the right input to discover and enjoy life in a whole new way, through the many amazing techniques and experiences.
To me its a feeling that goes so deep, thanks to the previous experiences as a spearfisherman I progressed very quickly in my training and soon started teaching.

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