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Freediving, also free or freediving called, is the most primitive form of diving. With just one breath tau they chen from - to water and in a completely new way of life. Regardless of whether swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers, the sport is an asset, the like for each e staying in the water, regardless of age. Freediving is enjoying increasing popularity worldwide. The fascinating underwater world with its fauna and flora, the rest under water and the common adventure with other enthusiasts apnea pulls the Freediver in its spell.
Freediving is like yoga in water: to be one with the water, without pressure to perform, relax, find yourself and serenity.
We would like to invite you to dive freediving in the experience, and hope they infect with our passion for this great sport.
Throughout the year we offer small-group and individual workshops, courses, personal training for competition preparation and immersion technique courses with video analysis.
The pool units can be completed at any time in the swimming pool / dive center. The open water dives will take place in the warmer months in our lake in the area instead.

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